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08/03/2011 at 13:25 PM

Brain State Technologies is offering a free webinar August 25th @ 2:30 PST

In this webinar Brainologist Lee Gerdes will discuss ways you can get your child's brain ready and optimized for this upcoming school year.

For more information visit:

Optimize your kids' brains with advice from a brainologist! HaHaHaHaHa! Ok, here's the real deal. Be sure your kids have fun, eat and sleep well. Make sure they feel safe. (That means no domestic violence, ever.) Read to them even after they can read for themselves. Have adventures with them. There you go! I am a brainologist, too. No, honest, I am. SnglDad, you tell them, I'm a brainologist. JunieG, you know I'm a brainologist, you can just tell, can't you!

Yes Mayamay is a brainologist. A well respected brainologist who has been a pioneer in the field of…………… (Wait for it)……………Brainology. When I first read the post I couldn’t believe my eyes, I thought “maybe I need to make an appointment with my eyeologist”.

You certainly are Mayamay. lol

OK, so I had to do some research. I am apparently the 3rd brainologist in the world. One of us is a Dr. Kaz (no first name) who has two degrees in agriculture and a third degree that I have not been able to identify. The second is a guy down in Phoenix (he's the one with the free webinar) who does neurofeedback for your brainwaves. If the first one doesn't work, it is recommended that you finish the course--10 sessions at $200 apiece. They address the question of whether it works by saying that they are gathering data. Reputable scientific studies either reimburse subjects for expenses or ask people to volunteer. None of them charge you $200 to be part of an experiment. Sincerely, Mayamay Brainologist