they didn t speak englis few months ago, I don t want they repeat in elementary - FamilyEducation
they didn t speak englis few months ago, I don t want they repeat in elementary
03/09/2012 at 16:38 PM

My name is caroline
i come from paris
we moved in ct 7 months ago.
WE have 3 kids
mathilde 12 in 7th grade
Clarence almost 9 in 3rd grade
Lucie 7 in second grade

teachers in elementary called me yesterday they would like to meet us about next year.

they had ESL ( english as second language) but I thonk the school doesn t offer a special programm for them
I m a litle bit made of the teachers, because my son in 3 rd grade has 10 words a week
and she told him:it s too difficult for you dont do that.
My husband and I think ,that they shoul work 3 times more.
they are not americain, and they have to work.
the school didn t take care of my kids.
I don t understand why they dont have extra help? and something special? they need.

WE think , it s not a good idea to repeat, because they have a large handicap (the language)
and in france both were very good students, my son was the best and he can reads 2 hours a day.
they just need time to be fluent.
they would have the same problem in kindergarten.
I tought the school will take care of them but I m very disapointed.
most of the time they are alone, and the teacher says, don t do it.
we have an other school in my town, they have an ESL programm and they have a lot of foreigner.
I didn t want to enroll my kids in this school , because they needed to mix with the neighboorood, but now I regret

my oldest is in 7 grade, like her brither and sister she didn t speak englis in september,
but she works well
except in maths C+
she has just A or B,
but she speaks better,
I think, they just need more time
mu daughter lucie in second grade is good in Maths she works alons, now she can read in english and give some simple answer
she writes since 1 month and she impressed me.

Clarence my soon was so excellent in france, the teacher wanter to graduate him in 4 grade

He has an amazing syntax,!!!
we calle him the little genius, he was very bright Always.
BUT the fact of not being able to talk, is frustrated
at 8 years he had a very rich vocabulary, and many adults were surprise.
Now 9 year old, speaking an other language than his own, he talks like a 3 year old, simple sentences

so of course it s not enought for the class.
but I think , it s not like they have difficulty right?
they just come from an other contry and it takes time.
I m going to meet the teachers and principal soon
my question is: Can I oppose ?
and what s going to happen after? they have to go in extra help? summer school?
how it works in your country?

thank you

( i m like my kids, I didn t speak) sorry for mistakes .) shame on me

Go to the meeting with the teachers, listen to what they say, then ask for time to think about the things that they tell you. Do not apologize for your English. Here is ALL of my French, "Oui, non, sil vous plait, l'eau du robinet, merci, je ne parle pas Francais" but I am not quite sure if I wrote tap-water correctly.

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