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text books on audio
09/22/2009 at 13:13 PM


I wonder if anyone can help me.

My son has a visually impairment due to his cp.  His sight is ok, but the way his brain has to process the information means his reading is slow.

He has just started senior school and I am concerned about him being left behind.

Although the school has a dyslexia unit it has made no suggestions as to anything that might help him (perhaps because he doesn't come under that unit) to keep up - they just keep going on about him being an 'independant learner' - but how can he be that if he isn't given the tools to do that?

I am wondering if anyone has any hints, tips or stratigies that work for them? We are currently awaiting a new report from the Visual Impairment Team, but I'd like to get as much info for myself.

Also does anyone know if you can get text books on audio tape or cd?

Thank you.





Sometimes people from church or other volunteer organizations are looking for meaningful service. Some schools encourage service learning for the students. I would see if anyone locally could record the texts for your boy, if the publisher doesn't provide an audio version.  Do you live in Cache Valley UT or ID?  If you do, I'll read them for him!


If you can have him take a recorder to school and record the class. This way he can go back and listen for things that he missed during the day. If you can contact the publisher of the books and see if they have them on cd or tape.

Good luck and keep being a great advocate for your son! No one else will do it except us parents!


If you contact the business manager of the school, or the people who actually deal with ordering the texts books for the school,  they will be able to tell you whether or not books on tape are available and will be able to order them directly from the publisher. They are the people who have the catalogues and ordering proceedures. There are also associations for the blind and visually impared who have access to such information that the public at large does not.  That may be another valuable resource for you to explore for other things that may assist your son.



Thanks to everyonewho replied - I do appreciate it

Unfortunately Gail, I live in the UK, but thank you very much for the offer.






I know that you said your son has visual impairment, not blindness but I wonder if the federation for the blind could help you in this?  They very frequently have books on audio tape.

I am a braillist so I will do some more checking and hopefully get an address for them.

talk to you soon,



check with the braille institute. They have books on tape. I hope that helps.