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teenager with adhd
04/30/2013 at 09:17 AM

my 14 year old son has adhd, and is not on medication because of severe side effects he suffered with for 3 years. He has been having trouble staying focused and respecting adults in school and at home. He has been placed in a secondary alternative center because of his behavior at public school. I didnt agree with this placement because he is not involved with drugs or breaking the law, his only problem is "attention".
Since hes been at this center his attitude has changed dramatically! He no longer respects me or anyone that tries to help him and basically he doesnt care about his future. He is currently suspended from this alternative school because he refuses to comply with their rules aswell. My next step is home school; does anyone have any ideas or recommendations? Helpppp PLLzzz

Yes, home schooling can be a better choice, in fact he should have done homeschooling since he was very young. Home schools are better for such kids and deal with them tactfully so that the kid can develop optimally. Nevermind, its never late.