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04/28/2007 at 10:57 AM



This is the place to talk about your children's special needs.  Come share ideas and support.


Here are some good articles to help you.  Check it out. 


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I have a 9 year old boy, who is trying to toilet train and not succeeding.  We buy XL Goodnite sleep pants (because they fit a large size kid).  Where is a good and inexpensive place to get diapers? Oh, I should add, my son is multiple disabled, with a main concern with CP and autism.



I want to speak to any parent of a child with cystic fibrosis, just for a chat and some moral support



Hi, I need some help. I am keeping my 7 yr old step grandson after school. I said step grandson so that you will know that I am not his actual grandmother. BUT he IS MY grandson in my heart. His Grandmother comitted suicide 3 years ago. That was hard for him as you can only image. I try to keep her memory alive as much as I can for all of the 12 grandchildren. He has been through a lot in his life, and his learning incapabilities have been affected by that. He is a very smart child, but he can not remember the little reading words that we go over each night. I have tried to have him write the words down, trace the word, and sound it out. Then not a minute later, he can not remember the word. I need to know what I can do to help him. It breaks my heart to see him struggling so to remember. He really is a good child. The kids in the special reading class make fun of him when he reads outloud, and they are all so much more advanced then he is. He is in 1st grade, and was held back in Kindergarten for his reading and math skills. This year, he LOVES math, and still can not remember some of he words we read last year and this year. And the vocabulary words, he had to remember the meaning to, are fill in the blank with the right word. He simply CANNOT do that. He cannot read the sentences without Difficulty. HELP ME HELP MY GRANDSON....... Thanks Concerned Grandma


for concernedgrandma

It is easy to think, when a child has had some emotional trauma, that the problems they exhibit are emotionally rooted.  As you describe your grandson, It sounds to me like the problem may be organic, not emotional.  I would check with a neurological pediatric specialist at a teaching hospital, to find out if there is treatment for this problem. 

About keeping the grandma's memory alive, I think that is generous of you, but a don't know that that is always best.  My nephew was killed, leaving a 3 year-old, a 1 year-old, and a pregnant wife.  After a few years, when the 3 year old was about 6 and was acting out in lots of "marvelous" ways, her mom asked her what needed to change so she could behave and be happy.  She went to the piano, took her daddy's photo, and laid it face down.  It was another heartbreak for her mom, but the little girl did better when her absent dad was not talked about very often.


My grandson has been diagnosed by his physician with ADHD and with post tramatic stress disorder. What can I do that will help him with his reading? I appreciate your story about your nephew. And although she is missed, we do not talk about her unless one of the grandchildren bring her up. Then we mostly listen.

What about helping him with his reading? Any ideas are greatly appreciated!!!!


Maybe you could cook together and you could read the recipes together?  Do the resource people at school have ideas?  My boy didn't get good at reading til after 4th grade, so I don't know!


hi is there any parents out there with a child who has neurofibromitosis type 1 it seems very little is out there would live to hear from you thanks


Amy - Does your son recieve services through a state agency such as Division of Developmental Disabilities ( different states = different names) or is he covered by state medicaid, if so the diapers are covered and can be recieved through them, many parents don't know to ask, and few state agencies offer, but check with your caseworker, if they won't cover them they may have resources to get them cheaper.



Has the school tested him for a learning disability?  The eval from the school should tell you what his strengths and weaknesses are as well as his particular learning style.  Kids with learning disabilities are all very different and there is no one right or wrong way to teach/learn, the right way is what works best for him ( even though it might not be the same as another child with the same diagnosis)


Do you get regional center services? Contact your state matrix (in Ca. it is Team Advocates for Spec. Kids). Anyway, you can get free diapers through regional center.

I hope that helps.