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question for parents
02/04/2008 at 22:58 PM

I am currently a student taking a class about special needs children.  I was wondering what type of support you have received from your child's teachers?  What is the best form of communication a parent/teacher can have?  I would appreciate any input from a parent's perspective.  It is definately helpful!


I'd love to help you out.  From my experience w/ my son, I feel that communication w/ his teachers is very important for both me and him.  Presently, my son attends 2 schools:  pre-k in our town public school and a private special ed pre-school.  I feel that the public school teacher does not give me the feedback that I get from the private school teacher, however it's a whole different setting.  In the private school, the teacher uses a communication notebook to relay messages to parents about their child's day or any concerns she may have.  Parents are also encouraged to write with any issues of concern or other questions they may have.  For me, this is a great method, since my son is bused to and from school, so I don't always get to see the teacher face to face.  There is also Back to School Night, as well as Parent Observation Day, where parents are welcome into school to see their child in action.  The teacher/therapists also make themselves available by phone if need be.  Other parents, as well, are a great source of info, and the school offers Parents' Night, where parents can socialize and discuss their individual situations, voice concerns and ask questions.  This makes for a comfortable family-type environment.

On the other hand, the public school seems to be the opposite.  I feel it is very difficult to reach the teacher by phone, and sometimes, even if I leave a note in my son's backpack, I don't always get a response right away.  I also can't sit in on a class, due to the school's security policy.  The environment is much different, being that it's a larger class size, and the focus is on the class as a whole, not so much on the individual child and that child's needs.  So, in that setting, I feel I have to speak up so much more in order to get any results, as opposed to the private school where the teacher may infact initiate communication.

Overall, I truly appreciate a teacher who takes the time to consider a child's individual needs, and to express any concerns or even positive feedback she may have about the child.  For a parent, it shows that the teacher sincerely cares and wants what's best for that child.  That is the reassurance that a parent needs, especially in a special ed situation where the child can't express his own wants and needs.

I hope that I've been of some help to you.  I wish you the best of luck with everything.  Teaching is a very rewarding career, and I for one appreciate all that my son's teacher has done for him.  Enjoy the experience.

Sincerely, concerned mom