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09/22/2009 at 13:12 PM

I am a grandparent raising a 5 year old grandson who has been diagnosed PDD, ADHD with a Bi-Polar rule out. 

Head Start was the best thing that ever happend for us.  I knew he was ADHD and asked for help and any info they could give me for this.  They workded with him at Headstart and helped me link up with Region III our Mental Health Center.  Head start sent me to a semminar for Autism.  The speaker was Dr. Roth-Walls.  I asked a question concerning my grandson.  She asked if we had tried adderal I told her yes and that it made him worse.  Interesting she said he has been misdiagnosed.  I called her office at first break and made an appointment.  I had found my doctor.  She helped me to understand what he was going through.  She was the one who diagnosed him. 

I was trying to sell my house so I could move to Monroe County so he could stay in the Amory School System.  But unfortuantly it did not sell and he has to go to East Union County School.  They try to shove the special needs kids through the cracks.  Thanks to the training I had been given at Head Start and through people I met there I was ready when I went to Kindergarden.

1st day of school they tried to get rid of him.  Wrote him up and spanked him 2 times before Mental Health could get his plan set up.  If it had not been for my child advicate he would have been suspended instead Elementary Principal got moved out of school to office job and things have started happening to get Ozzy the help he needs. 

Any parent who needs help with school issues should talk to the Mental Health Specialist at their local Head Start.  They have contacts that can help you educate yourself so you can protect your child.



I know a little boy who has Aspberger's and PDD.  He is about 2, and is hooked up with a local Autism specialty clinic, but I hadn't considered the Head Start help.  I'll mention it to his mom.  She is pregnant (you know that 99% effective birth control) with #2, despite having had an extremely difficult first pregnancy, and can use all the help she can get. 

Thanks for the insights!


I am appalled. What kind of Kindergarten spanks children. They should not be allowed to remain open if they are carrying out this kind of abuse on small children Did you report this to authorities. I don't know about over there in the States, but here in Britain, if a child was spanked in school or nursery, the perpetrator would be taken to court.
Sorry, not really a reply to your main worry, but I was really shocked when I read about the spanking.


Unfortunately, the spanking is more a symptom of a failed education system than it is part of your problem.  Where it was definately not abuse, it was certainly an inappropriate response to the fact that a child with your grandsons issues can be very frustrating for a classroom teacher, who may not be trained, the post modern-vegetable soup diagnoses that are being substituted by para professionals for, the break down of families,  poor parenting, substance abuse, environmental and industrial poisoning, and a politically liberal society where we are too quick to blame others for our own mistakes, where no one has to take responsibility for anything, we sue everyone, and the fact that no one diciplines their children or teaches values and morals at home, because today most families have none!  The plethora of issues that in modern society has caused the break down of  the traditional family and caused ADD, ADHD, PDD'S, SIDS, ETC, ETC, ETC. is daunting!!! Sometimes medication helps and sometimes it does not and no one, NO ONE, knows what the effect of medicating a medicated society will have on these kids when they grow up.  Until these children and their families get the help they need to be mainstreamed into regular classrooms, and face their culpibility in helping to fix their problems,  it's often too late for the child, the teacher who is trying her best, and the rest of the class who suffers because a child is incapable of functioning in a traditional classroom setting.  When are we in Education, Medicine, Our families, going to wake up? No child left behind means that nobody gets educated.  And yes, these kids need to be educated, but what environments work best for them, what training do their teachers need, and from where will the money to support that come?  That you, the grandparent has to raise a five year old when you have in fact already raised your family is something we all need to think about.


ADD and ADHD is NOT caused by bad parenting. Do some research. It's causes are physiological not psychological. Do you know the harm people like you cause when you blame bad parenting for these children. 


research is what i do...


Then perhaps you need to read some of the research done by internationally renowned expert Dr Christopher Green.


"The plethora of issues that in modern society has caused the break down of  the traditional family and caused ADD, ADHD, PDD'S, SIDS, ETC"

I'm not sure where or what you have been researching, but you are woefully innacurate and must be  researching in the fiction section or in the dark ages section.

AD/HD and PDD are  nuerobiological in nature.            


http://www.help4adhd.org/en/about/what/WWK1 http://www.ninds.nih.gov/disorders/adhd/adhd.htm

The challenges of families trying to help their children become successful and productive adults is difficult enough without barriers added by misinformed people. 


Kids like this should never be smacked, it doesn't ever work. Do research on each disorder and learn how to relate to him. My son has adhd and asd/autism. As soon as i learnt how to relate to him and see things through his eyes it became alot easier. Goodluck.


I have to say  that Lanies reply caused me a lot of concern. I have read a lot about ADHD, having two sons with the problem, one with Asperger's too.  Dr Christopher Green was the best advice I ever found too.  I researched very widely both at home, work and college. I am still researching. Like junie and Chris, I feel that to make wide accusations like this can be very harmful to parents and children alike.


Thanks for those great links Chris. Very helpful.


Another website that I really like in exploring ADHD issues is



I just want to say Good for You Sdgb! I'm glad you found resources to help you. It sounds like you have alot of love and concern for your grandson. Raising children with ADHD and PDD too takes alot of love and energy. Hang in there! Only

i dont know if i need help...its days like these when i wonder if i do or not...i'm compeletly out of control..and i hate typing this or even saying this...it makes me feel uncomfortable and pathetic..what i need to know is if i need some emotion help or not..i hate typing this..okay today had a horrible day...i got home..my boyfriend called i was compeletly fine with him..i talked to him for about 5 hours...my mom told me to get off serval times but i couldnt because he was the only good thing that happened in my day..my mom came and tried to take my phone i just said "no..mom...your being really wierd" i got off the phone with him later because she wanted him to hear her yelling at me to get off and on her way out the door she hit me..and it had sound effects...she said i was a snot..she told me to do my history project...and i didnt do it because she hit me and i felt like i could go my whole life with out talking to her...then i looked for my phone because obvousily i was getting out of control and i thought my boyfriend would be able to cheer me up and calm me down but my mom had taken my phone..i told her fine..whatever..i dont care..she said she wasnt giving it back untill my project was done..i said fine i guess i wont be getting my phone back..i looked in the mirror trying to get my self all pretty..i starting feeling ugly inside and out...i took a knife and a rice cripsies box and completely distoried the box wishing i was killing SOMETHING...then i felt like i realy needed to calm down..i got on the internet to talk to my boyfriend and tell him me and my mom got in a fight it seemed like he thought it was no big deal..i felt like screaming..i dont know what to do i'm starting to think i have problems... i felt like an idiot half of the time becuase my brother didnt even seem to care that i was outside my house distorying something with a knife..i had serval thoughts of suicide and that i wanted to do but i changed my mind i dont want to die i just want to disapper..i dont want ot get hurt or see my blood i just want some sorrow..i just wanted someone to calm me down and talk to me and tell it would be alrite but my brother thinks i'm some kind of over reacting idiot and my mom thinks i'm just a snot that doesnt want to do anything..i dont know who i should run to at this point..tears starting to fall from my eyes..i dont know what i can do...help me..i feel like i have some kind of problem......

Take a couple of deep breaths, get a drink of water. Then, go get your mom and CALMLY ask her to come see what you've been doing instead of your history project. Tell her that some lady on the internet told you she should see it. This next part is to your mom. I know that rearing children is really difficult and that they don't see things the same was that their parents do. I have had a child who was suicidal. It doesn't sound like your child is to that point. Here you go. She's yours. I'm praying for you both.

Acitez is right. You need to talk to your mom, and I seriously think you shld go to counceling. Maybe you're not suicidal now, but you don't want a situation to arise where you consider suicide again, and maybe this time you hurt yourself. If your family doesn't take you seriously, find someone who does. Even if you have to go to your councelor at school. Get yourself some help now. I lost my brother to suicide, when none of us saw the signs. Don't feel silly about it. This is your life we're talking about. There's help out there. Get it now, please!