Parents of children with ADHD: teacher needs help
11/12/2011 at 13:47 PM

Greetings! I am so lucky to have found this website full of resources. Currently I teach in Newark and have a substantial amount of diagnosed and undiagnosed cases of students with ADHD. To help me educate this children better, I have enrolled in a couple Special Education courses. One of my courses requires me to research a disability of my choice; obviously, I chose ADHD.
I would like to include some first-hand experiences from parents of children with ADHD as well as incorporate the advice in my teaching. If you have the time, please answer any or all of the questions I have developed. If you prefer privacy, you can e-mail me at
I appreciate all help and cooperation!


1. What warning signs did your child exhibit that caused you to have him/her diagnosed?
2. How did/does the diagnosis affect you and how did/do you cope?
3. How does having a child with ADHD affect the other members of your family?
4. How does ADHD affect your child in non-learning environments?
5. How does ADHD affect your child differently at home vs. school?
6. What do you do at home to help your child manage their ADHD?
7. What routines or tools does your child use to manage their ADHD during learning (school, homework, etc.)?
8. What can teachers do to help your child?
9. What do wish you could tell all those who teach children with ADHD?
10. How can/do teachers exasperate or make worse the learning environment of your child?