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Oppositional Defiant Disorder
07/24/2007 at 20:53 PM

Hello my name is Kelly,

   I have a six year old boy who was diagnosed this year with oppositional defiant disorder.  He has developemental delay, and acts like he is around 4 years and sometimes 3.  We were also told by his OT about a processing disorder, which can make him extremely annoying, especially to someone who doesnt know him.  Childrens has even stated he is at risk for mild mental retardation.  He will be starting kindergarten this August and I am scared to death.  I think about it every day, all day.  He aggressiveness and defiant behavior led to alot of phone calls and meetings with his pre school teahers...How do I help him prepare, and myself for his BIG change to kindergarten.  We just started our counsling at Childrens... I go over his letters, shapes, and colors.  I also read books on behaviors for him every night. Thanks A Bunch Shiltz05


HI.Ihave a son who has adhd and through the school years it has not ben easy.If you dont mind my opinion I realy would sugest homeschooling.They can consintrate better,take breaks when needed.It has just ben great for my son.You may mant to consider it.


Girl, I feel your pain! Remember, there is no law that states your child must go to kindergarten and they have to do it now because he's technically old enough. Get with an experienced Special Educator- they will be able help you with different learning activities for your child. It's up to you and how you feel, we sometimes forget that as parents because we don't want to 'damage' them! LOL Homeschooling is a great idea, it allows you to work with them when they are at their best........... problems with homeschooling? sure, if your child has disciplinary problems when you are disciplining them or attempting to get them to calm down, it may be better to have someone else do it. You getting free time is also hard, so maybe you can find a college student who is going to school for special education who is willing to work with your child for next to nothing. I keep bringing up special education simply because they are more experienced with learning and developmental disabilities than the normy teacher who has no patience. Best of Luck!!! :)



Hi , I can tell you are overwhelmed with your situation . You truely need to discuss  concerns and plain talk of what you want for your child. Your child is entitled to the best education there is for him to be able to achieve the highest potentual he can in life .  You need to contact your school district to have him evaluated . They will  be able to discuss with you your best options . Please don't beat yourself up thinking you are a bad parent . That is absolutely not the case . !  I am all for home schooling children .  But their are other options that may be better . Your son need to go to a school where they understand his needs and how to help him with his behavior issues. There is even help for you too. You don't have to do this on your own . I am sure your son is a wonderful child with some issues . But when you stop and think no one is perfect don't we all have our own little issues. Your son , I am sure your son has  a lot to offer this world he just needs a little extra help to get it out .  Please check out your town's school distict they are there to help you .  Hang in there Mom !  Help is there for you. Wish you the best .  Gloria


Something I did before my son started school was go in and talk with admin - I gave him the scoop of what we were dealing with at home, then I met with the resource and gave her a heads up. That gave me a good foot in the door to my son's education and treatment by staff. There were many roller coasters and at times I home schooled - when school just wasn't working for us. Using the schools curriculum I modified the work to what my son could handle and a little more to help him stretch. The staff said he got a lot more done with me than he ever would have in school. Meds can help - Ritalin worked for my son as far as being able to talk with him. Otherwise things got very twisted and confusing for him. Nope, not easy - lots of tears and picking my battles but worth every minute. Today he is a gentle giant and daddy of a one year old. Important to remember your role as being an advocate for your son. Knowing how much is enough and what is too much. Standing up for him when needed and also placing expectations in front of him so he can grow at his own pace.

Hi Kelly! Can you tell me about your experiences with Children's? Good or Bad? Which campus did you go to? How many days of evaluations did you have to run there? I was just told that it wouldn't be til the end of May or beg. of June to have my son evaluated by the team of drs that need to evaluate him, based on the information I sent them 2 wks ago. Also they told me it would be 5 days in 5 consecutive weeks for the testing/evaluations. I'm not sure we can do this, between the travel time, missed school in May or beginning of June, and time my husband would have to take off work. This is over a 2 hr. trip for us as well. How is your counseling going there? Did they evaluate your son for PDD? PDD kids have alot of the same problems as children with ODD, such as opposition and narrow mindedness. PDD kids have delays where I don't think ODD kids always have delays in development. Hoping you don't mind sharing. Thanks. Only

Hi, my name is Ashley and I am taking a course at Southeastern Illinois College called, "Teaching Exceptional Children." I had a few questions for either or you if you could respond back. How does having a child with a disability affect family life? Is having a sibling with a disability a positive or negative experience? I hope to hear back from either of you. Thanks! Ashley

I have a 7 year old boy who is in Grade 2 and has just been diagnosed with ODD and ADHD. Finds school very challenging. He is very bright when it is soemthing he is interested in and has the memory of an elephant. Getting him to do his homework is like pulling teeth and ussually it is me who is in tears. My husband leaves homework and stuff up to me and I find it really frustrating. My son also has difficulty making friends and his self confidence and self esteem is very low. We have just started counselling. Any suggestions?