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noticing bodily fuctions/ developmental disibility
06/27/2011 at 22:45 PM

I have a child who will be 4 years old in 2 short months. He has been diagnosed with a global developmental delay. He is pretty delayed in each area. He doesn't seem to notice most of his bodily functions.

When he needs to poop he doesn't understand that he's is even going. So as soon as he feels the discomfort in his diaper he takes it off...meaning as soon as he begins his BM he takes off his diaper, so he does not notice he is having a BM and continues to go on with whatever he is doing pooping everywhere, toy box, floor, rubbing against the wall, get the point. This can easily happen while I am brushing my teeth. After he has his huge accident I tell him what he has done explain to him everything and he replies "ray ray go pee."

Of course I tell him 'you pooped' but he doesn't seem to understand there is even a difference. he just replies with something out of the blue like "blues clues" or " let's go to chuck e cheese". ...okay so this is not getting through to him. he sits on the potty no problem and tells himself to pee or poop and grunts and everything trying so hard he wants to but he doesn't - he can't. Does anyone out there have this problem? Is there anything I can do?

I appreciate ANY reply unless of course it is obviously offensive.

The mother of an autistic boy I am well-acquainted with had a similar problem, although I believe her boy has been able to train. I don't know if yours will progress to that point. D's mom used duct-tape to prevent D from removing his diaper. That meant that when we changed his diaper, we had to (carefully, of course) use blunt-tipped scissors to cut the duct tape. Do you have some sort of psychologist working with you?

yes he is enrolled in the EFMP (exceptional family member program), which is a psychological program for persons with disibilities. I'm still pretty sure my son will be able to be potty trained one day. Thanks for the advice!

Hi- Perhaps you found a solution already; I just stumbled onto your question now. Your best bet is to get the toilet training book by Azrin and Foxx, but combine it with a pants alarm. He will learn to associate one with the other,and eventually he'll make the connection of what it means on his own. I would post the full answer for you, but it's a long one. If you want to e-mail me at I'd be happy to send you the full answer.