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Newbie - and my son
11/11/2007 at 20:23 PM

Hi everyone~
I am the mother of three and also the grandmother of 3 grandkids. My youngest has always had a lot of health problems. He was premature, was diagnosed with ADHD at 4 years, had encephalitis at 5 years (along with an allergic reaction that had his throat swelling shut..!), diagnosis of ADHD was changed to ADHD/mood disorder at age 10, and a car accident, traumatic brain injury at 16 years. Because of the car accident, we now find (he's now 18 years old) that he has a spinal cord injury that has caused a condition called "syringohydromyelia" where a fluid-filled cyst developes on the spinal cord and as it grows, puts pressure and eventually detroys the nerves around the spinal cord. According to what I've researched on the net, prognosis can vary from just one spinal surgery, to a surgery every few years, to degenerative paralysis.
Have any of you heard of this condition or know anyone who has it? What info I've found says that it's a rare condition....
Because of the encephalitis, my son's reading level is only 3rd grade - along with some processing issues. The brain injury has healed amazingly well, but there is a little more impulsiveness in his behavior now. The only thing that he could always count on all these years, was his back/manual labor. He loves to work! Now, he may not have the use of that.... any ideas for his future? Any suggestion is greatly appreciated!