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New here. New to Home schooling
01/10/2008 at 12:20 PM

My son is 10 years old and can't read. He doesn't remember what symbols names are ( A,B,C's and #'s).

So he still can't read and can't identify numbers past 4. He might only be able to count correctly from 1-39. He has a hard time expressing his ideas in a way for others to understand. He is a really good boy. He is does not have behavior issues at all. He isn't hyper. He IS very social and absolutely loves people (anyone young or old) He will talk to anyone that will listen. He is a very loving kid. But the only problem is he can't remember things. How do I teach a child like this at home. I want so badly to help him. But I am so unsure of myself. I haven't taken him out of school yet but will be as soon as I find the right program for him and I.

Can anyone help me with the first things I need to do to start??

Mecie (nickname)

I know that there are internet schools that you can enroll in, but I just got the state curriculum standards (for a place to start) and developed my own.   Do you live in UT or CO?  There is a program called Learning Technics that costs a lot, but it helps you work with memory  problems and with neurological things.  Their evaluation is about $100, which is not refundable, and they tell you if they could help.  Otherwise, I think I would pick the special ed teacher's brain before I took the child out of school.  Find out what they have tried, and where to get other approaches.  And I have some ideas about teaching reading, but it's two pages of dense text, so . . . I'd have to find another way to get it to you. 

Maybe I will start a blog somewhere.