Needy 8yr old
05/13/2012 at 16:04 PM

New to this site, looking for any moms who have experienced this. My 8 yr old is ADHD, my EX, her father, pasted away 12/08. She displays the ongoing many ADHD behaviors, but she is sooooo needy with me, I am a FT single mom, we really have no family/support system to speak of. I have no real life apart from her, I am with her almost always outside school, but she is still so needy,yes I know some of it is from the grief. I have taken her to 2 different counselors over the 3 yrs, no results, felt like a waste of time and money.
I think some of it is a power thing, because she wants me to do things, I know she knows how to do!
So how do I get her UnNeedy?! I have searched the internet for info, but could not find anything.

I heard a suggestion today. Every time you buckle the child in, put your purse or briefcase or wallet in the back seat, too.


One summer I had older children and an infant. Of course, when I did errands it made a lot more sense to leave the infant at home with the 15-year old than to take him with me. Then the children started school. I loaded the baby and carseat into the back seat of the car, ran downtown to make some copies. Yep. Left the baby in the car. Everybody makes mistakes. If putting your wallet in the car seat helps you remember, DO IT. geez.