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Need Some Advice, Please
02/09/2009 at 11:34 AM

Hello, I am a mother of a very special little boy. My son had a stroke one month before his 5th birthday. He is going to be 7 in a couple months. His lasting effects from the stroke are short attention span, oral fixation, and some aggresiveness. When he first had the stroke, he was in Pre-K. After about a month, they asked my husband and me to take him out of school. We were trying a variety of medications for him, and since it was only a couple of weeks left in the year, we did. We found a medication that we thought would work for him, for the attention problem and he started kindergarten in the fall. He went a half day at our local elementary school and went half a day at a special ed. school in the same day. He was doing well. He repeated kindergarten again this year with full days in our local school. But I don't think he is doing very well. He has not mastered most of the basic skills. I talked to his teacher to see if he would have to repeat this year again, and she said he would go on to first grade, he was to old to be in kindergarten again. He has an aid that is with him throughout the day and he spends some of the day in special education classes also. I don't feel that he should go on to first grade without having mastered the basic skills. To make a very long story short, I'm asking anyone who can help me, if anybody has done homeschooling for their child? I have 7 other children of my own and am fostering my niece and nephew also. I have never homeschooled before, but am interested in it for my son and would like to hear some advice or tips from anyone. Thankyou for listening to my story!

I would school him at school and see how he is doing in third grade. It is astonishing how even "normal" children do this developmental leap at about age eight and suddenly they can read and write and calculate.