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My son was diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome
09/21/2009 at 20:00 PM

My (nearly) 7 year old son was diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome today. He also has AD/HD, anxiety issues, and impulse problems. I'll be honest, I'm not real informed just yet about AS. Anything anyone can share? We will be talking to his school soon about special education. It was always a fear of mine for him to be in spec. ed., because he's so smart. Just looking for some insight and support. Thanks so much.


Hello. I would recommend doing a search on this site first. There are many articles to read here. Check out the oasis website as well. Google it. Try going to your library or Border's has the book Helping a Child with NLD or AS by Kathryn Stewart. Try getting the second addition of this book. I personally think this is a very helpful book. Also I would recommend find a child psychologist to work with your child and family. You may want to have an advocate or even your child psychologist go with you into these school meetings. Be prepared to fight for your child's accomodations and such. will give you a nice list of books to read as well. By chance are you anywhere near Pennsylvania? I went to a workshop held by a man who lives/works in Hershey, PA who does couseling and such, that has Asperger's and it was very very informative. He would be wonderful to get information from and support from as well. Good luck.

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My son is 9 (going into 4th grade) and also had ADHD and Aspergers. I am not sure this is what you are looking for. But I think this webMD is pretty informative. My son is in mainstream classroom but with a 504 plan which means he has some special instructions for extra time taking tests, writing because of low muscle tone in his hands which equals bad penminship, and orginazational help keeping his things in order. School IEP's (individual education program) or special education takes about 3 months time and covers a very wide range of issues but worth it knowing that the school is doing everything possiable to get them as much help as the child needs. e-mail me - I would be glad to chat with you!! - Heidi