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My child is not special ed.
07/22/2007 at 23:52 PM

My child's kindergarten teacher suggested he be placed in special ed. He is a summer baby, without any preschool. He is very shy, and intimidated by teachers/adults and relates better to his peers.

Since he's not a big talker, he was put in speech also (he talks all the time at home!).
Since he is not a talker they said he has a problem with vocabulary. The words he knows are common household words? was what I was told??

Could all this really amount to being labeled special ed?

Believe it or not, kindergarten is not mandatory. If you feel doing kinder over (maybe somewhere else?) might be a better option, you can do that! I am positive that if he was labeled special ed, there should have been an IEP done. They cannot do it without informing you of the time and place for it. Do a little more digging with your school, or the people who are labeling him. There are answers at your school, and you are entitled to find them.

One more thing: many kids come to school (kindergarten) every year who do not know letters, numbers, sounds, etc. Be proactive this summer. Read to your child every night, ask questions about the story, ask him what he thinks is going to happen next, how he felt about the characters, etc. Have conversations with him all day long. Have him help you (do dishes, sweep, vacuum, whatever), just keep the talking going back and forth - that's how they increase their vocabulary at the beginning!


I had a similar problem at my daughters nursery, she too was a summer baby, and was very shy of her teachers and her peers, I even had the headteacher telling me to get off my high horse and do what is right for her, I was VERY upset at this, I knew there was nothig wrong with millie and she had no problems at home and was very vocal and very outgoing, I filmed her dancing around to "high school musical" , they couldnt beleive it and when she won the pedal push at school her confidence went through the roof , her end of term report was one of the best in class, so dont listen when you are being told your child is special ed when you know something is wrong you know, it is a mothers instinct, just for the record they didnt spot my son has aspergers, I was telling them something was wrong and had to get the diagnosis myself in the end and is is special ed!!