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My 5 years old son currently in special ed got kick out of free after school program.
09/20/2009 at 19:10 PM

My 5 years son has speech delay. He currently has an active IEP. I enrolled him into the free after school program, which is run by non-profit organization. Within 1 week & 3 days, he got kick-out of the program. According to the director of the program, they are not trained to take care of kids in special ed. They do have policy in place in which that each child can not be written up 3 times due to behavior issues. They written up my son 3 times & kick him out without any accommodation & or meeting. It just happened on Friday after I signed him out & about to walk out the door, the director stopped me & told me that today will be my son's last day, & they are kicking him out of the program.

I really feel that they are discriminating my son. They just basically don't want to put up with a child with special needs. They did not try anything to accomodate or include him in the program.

I really feel that my right as a parent & my son's right has been ignored. Since this is a non-profit program & not the school that's offering the program, I really don't know what to do. Even I have an active IEP & my son's disability right is protected under the IEP, he might not be protected with non-profit program. I don't know what to do or where to go to file a complain. Can anyone help? Thanks!

I think that it is good for the staff to acknowledge that there is no=one there with the expertise necessary to supervise your son. Look into cub scouts, part of their mission is to accommodate kids with disabilities. Probably Boys and Girls' Club does too.