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Middle School and My Sixth Grader
12/19/2007 at 22:45 PM

            I am the parent of an 11 year old child.  My son is now in Middle School and he is having a difficult time adjusting.  Thus far, he has failed just about every QUIZ and TEST.  I do not know what to do !!

             What can I do to help my son ?  His Resource Room Teacher views him as a "big trouble maker".    I do not like the "methods of instruction".

            She speaks down to him, she discourages,  instead of encouraging him.  As an educator I understand that I all my students are not made from the same "cookie cutter".   Students have different learning styles as well as different strength and weakness.  The teacher has a responsibility to the child's best means of learning by providing "Differentiated Instruction" which will meet the needs of the child.   I know that large classes, inadequate surroundings, lack of updated material, low teacher morale and parents who want a "magic wand" to correct and make everything perfect, makes teaching at times very unpleasant.  What we must keep in mind is that we have a responsibility to motivate, encourage, applaud and praise the student when he or she reaches certain benchmarks. 

               My greatest challenge is the following.  How do I encourage and help the teacher, that works with my son, understand that my son needs TLC I know we all need TLC every now and then, but if her relationship with him does not change, he will complete the year on a failing note only to repeat six grade all over again !!  

                Please respond / help !!!!  Please note my son entered school a year earlier then his classmates and based on the information that I received he is the second youngest in his grade.  Could it be that keeping him back one year might help.  Could it be that by providing that extra year he will have an opportunity to catch up and finally be at grade level ?

So, as a middle school student, how many different teachers does your son have?  I know that my kids had one teacher that did language arts and social studies,and then 4 other teachers, for math, science, and whatever.  That was in 6th grade.  They did OK academically, but socially it was really hard on them.  I prefer elementary K-6, but that's not an option anywhere in this valley.