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Learning disability
03/04/2011 at 07:49 AM

Hello friend's

i have one six year old child,who facing the problem of Dyslexia (basically a learning disability),so me and my wife we both are trying to learn him by the practical way, is there any education toy's are available for our children, who help's us to make learning process easy for my son.

i need suggestion on this topic.


Hello! There are many programs and educational material for children with dyslexia, but most of the toys/games you can find for any children may help you too. I have worked with many children 'labeled' dyslexic. The one important thing to do, I think, is believe in your child. He might struggle a bit more than others but he will manage, provided he knows that people believe in him. Whatever toy or game you use, use it wisely and build on success. This is what I do. I choose something that I know the child is able to do, when I'm sure he's confident of doing it, I move the difficulty one notch up, not much otherwise he will be discouraged, just enough to challenge him a little bit. That way you will boost his self confidence as well as his skills.