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interview questions
10/04/2011 at 12:27 PM


I am a graduate student at Arkansas State University. I have an assignment to interview a parent who has a child with a moderate to severe disability. If anyone has a child who is considered to have a moderate to severe disability and would be willing to answer about 10 questions about your child (no names or personal information), please respond to this post and I can either post or email the questions to you. Thank you so much!


Yes, please post it here. :) Thanks

Awesome! Please give a little information about your child: age, type of disability, etc. (no names or personal information) Here are the questions: 1. What do you consider to be one your greatest challenges in being a parent of a child with a severe disability? 2. What have been some of your treasured experiences that you have had with your child? 3. What is one of the major goals you want your child to accomplish by the end of his public school education? 4. How have your extended family members reacted to your having a child with a severe disability? 5. When you first found out that your child had a disability, what was your initial reaction to the news?

6. What professionals (i.e., teachers, therapists, doctors, etc.) have you found easiest to work with in assisting your child? 7. What do you consider your child’s greatest strength? 8. How do you explain to others about your child’s disability? Have you assisted his/her teachers and/or classmates in helping them understand – and if so, how? 9. Are there other children besides your child with a disability? If so, how do the siblings interact with their brother/sister? 10. What are some things that the school has done that you believe have been very beneficial for your child? Thank you very much for your time and for being willing to share with me. :) Carrie

I am in that same class and have not been able to get anyone to interview. I am glad for you that you found someone to interview.

Hi, Thanks very much for this comment. It help me to think about my ideals. Tks again and pls keep posting.

Can you answer those same questions Duncan had for me please