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Information for a student
06/18/2007 at 11:01 AM


I am a Education major at SIU, and I am taking a class about students with special needs.  I would love to chat with someone who could enlighten me on a few questions I have for an assignment and for my future special needs students in my own classroom.  I realize that a child with a disability can be trying on the family.  In what ways does this impact your family?  What is the most difficult part for your family?  Also, what would you consider the most difficult part in dealing with teachers and schools?  What has been the most helpful in dealing with the schools and teachers?  Any ways to improve?  Thank you for any thoughts and experiences you can share with me. 

EdMajor -

I would love to talk to you!  I have just completed my 4 years of classes for my degree in Elementary Education.  I only have my internship to go and will graduate in Dec. 2007  :-)

My son has Multiple Exceptionalities, so I can see it from both the teacher and parent viewpoints.  It has been a difficult road for us, but we are all doing better now. 

I have learned much as a sub-teacher and as a parent with a special child that I will indeed remember as I work my way through a career in teaching! 

If you still need to gather info, please feel free to email me at:

Warm Regards!