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IEP/504 plan accomodations
04/01/2009 at 23:47 PM

Hi all! Just wondering if a few of you could give me some ideas as to the accomodations listed on your child's IEP/504? My son doesn't get his neurological testing done until this summer from a children's hospital, but his testing with the school district will be done soon with an IEP meeting towards the end of April. At our consultation three things were mentioned with Asperger's being the least likely, but possibly Nonverbal Learning Diorder or PDD. Something from the Autism Spectrum he said.

I would like to go into the school's meeting with some ideas of accomodations that would help my son. The one I know I will ask for is more time on tests. He struggles with handwriting and also reading social cues from kids. He reads well above his grade level and does real well in spelling and good in math. He is ADD and on medication for that. He has some fine motor problems... spreading butter on toast can be hard for him, cutting up his red beats, etc. is also hard for him.... yet he builds very very creative lego projects. We are in the process of therapy to help with the social skill delays and he is making progress.

Can you guys list some of the accomodations that you think I might be able to use to help my son? Do you know of good sites to find lists of accomodations?

I'm betting he'll get a 504, unless he qualifies for gifted in reading which may qualify us then for an GIEP.

I'm hoping you guys can give me some ideas. Thanks in advance.