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I am currently studying to be a teacher...
09/15/2012 at 21:43 PM

Hi, my name is Taylor and I am currently taking a class in special needs at SIC college. I was wondering if you had any ideas for teachers, who want to open a daycare, about caring for a child with special needs. I really have had no experience with special needs children and I could use all the advice I can get. Please feel free to tell any and all of your ideas and concerns.

Thanks so much,

I've taught many special needs kids. The most important thing is they are all extremely different even if they have the same diagnosis. Patience and communication are number one. Visuals, personal space, objects to hold, willingness to be flexible, and differentiation are great. Just set up an individual plan per kid based on what they are interested in. What not to do is treat them like baby's. Make sure they get what they need but in the least resrictive manner. You don't want to enable them and make them feel incapable like the other students. Let them be with others, do what they are doing, just adapt the work to their needs. It takes a lot of time and hard work but the pay off s worth it. Be sure to also teach the social skills for the other students. I teach that differences make us unique but we all have a brain and we all have a heart. I remind them we all can learn and we all feel.