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Help in Special Ed Living facility
09/16/2007 at 14:38 PM

I wonder if anyone out there knows how to address an issue with a child who is disabled and lives in a residential facility for the disabled.

She has autism, MR and is also hearing impaired. I am having problems with an ineffective behavioral clinic there and also a behavioral doctor who takes it upon himself to reduce her medications. I feel like I don't know everything that is going on. How do I get her behavioral problems addressed without getting her thrown out of the until there is a better place for her to go. No one seems to be listening. The administration is not very effective, the school and dorm fight all the time, and there is a huge turnover in staff. I went back to the social worker who placed her there four years ago but she was not very helpful. She is now 16 and I need help. Where can I find it? Her father does not live in this state and is not helpful and the family is not very involved either. It's just me, and I live three hours away.

Kathleen, I am a f ormer special ed teacher.  I applaud you for your support of your daughter and her best interests.  When you placed your daughter did they put a plan in place for her.  I am not sure if they do an IEP in residential placements but when a child is put into a special needs program the IEP states what will be done, when, and by whom.  You can always ask for a review of the plan and make changes to it.  If they are also receiving government funding they can be accountable for what they are not doing for her. 

Messing with any medication can be bad for a child.  I hope some of this helps.