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Help with my 12 year old daughter
01/19/2009 at 18:00 PM

My daughter has been in the one on one asst. program starting in K.and now shes in the 6th grade and they did a test and say shes only at K-1 level in all. math and reading, now the asst. are not qualified teachers, they are just people working for the Goverment program they leagelly cannot teach a now that she is soooooo far behind they want to push her in a special day class were all kind of needs are there like those that need tube feeding and diapers, shes not even close to that,if you were to see her in a class room ( with out the asst. you could not pick her out from the rest if you did not know she needs extra help in math and reading. how can I get her better help can i get the programe to pay for a special ed tutor, sence they put her soooo far behind like when she was in grade school the program director would let her draw picts. if she did not want to do the task at hand she was always put to the far back of the class and the teacher would not pay her the time of day

Find out the laws in your state for special education. Through your local public school, your daughter should qualify for services based on her specific needs. Put a call into the schools' Director of Special Services. Find out what your options are. They'll probably want to set up a meeting to discuss your daughter and her needs. Get outside evaluations. I can't stress this enough. Start w/ a Developmental Pediatrician. The dr will perform a series of tests to determine what level your daughter is at. Then he/she will recommend whatever services he/she feels is necessary for your daughter. At that point, the school has to do something. They can't turn your daughter away. The school shld have certified spec ed teachers to work w/ your daughter. The aides don't have to be certified in every case, but the teacher shld be. Your daughter shld be pulled out for her core subjects. The class size shld be small. There shld also be a required student/teacher ratio. That's important. Another option is getting your daughter into a school which is solely spec ed. There shld be different schools for different needs children. If your local public school can't provide you w/ these options, get a lawyer. The school, by law, must give your daughter a fair appropriate education. Another option is for you to homeschool or otherwise hire a tutor that has experience w/ spec ed students. This can be expensive, but if it'll benefit your daughter, and you can afford it, it's worth a try. I hope everything works out w/ the school. Once you get past all the red tape, things will get better. Good luck.