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fish oil anyone?
02/24/2009 at 02:34 AM

Hi all. Just wondering how many of you have your ADD children on fish oil?

I've read numerous times about how it can be helpful for ADD kids and wanted to try it with my son who is ADD and PDD or Asperger's (getting official diagnosis soon from a children's hospital).

I called my son's dr. who is a family physician, not a pediatrician, and her nurse returned the message after talking with her, saying that she wasn't up on fish oil for kids and I would have to wait until his next appt. and talk to her. This wasn't what I wanted to hear, because his appt. isn't until the end of March.

We go to a children's hospital for a consultation in a little over a week, so I plan on asking them about the fish oil before I do anything. I feel certain that they could give me more information.

What I'm wondering is who all is giving this to their children and what amounts are you giving? I know there are some of you doing this. Thanks for your information.


I had heard of flaxseed meal or flaxseed oil, which is also a source of omega-3. I haven't used either one, though. I did hear that in addressing cholesterol issues, that flaxseed is not good for adult men.

I use an omega-3 fish oil and a DHA supplement every day for my kiddos. I have done my research and am convinced all kids should be on a DHA supplement. The USA is seriously behind in some of this research - in Europe, they are starting to enhance different foods with DHA since it is so vital to brain and eye health and usually lacking in the diet. I use "nordic naturals" omega-3 fish oil, 1 tsp./day. Since some fish sources are polluted w/mercury (a brain toxin) I have found a seaweed derived DHA. It is called Expecta Lipil (actually for pregnant & nursing moms). I give 400 mg./day to my 27 lb. 2 year old, and 800 mg./day to my 65 lb. 10 yr. old. Nordic Naturals can be found at health food or Whole Food type stores (in a blue glass bottle). Expecta can be found at Wal-mart, Target, CVS etc. (Wal-mart being the cheapest). It is in a small yellow box in the vitamin section; 30 softgels/box. I just stir them into my kiddos' warm oatmeal in the morning & they dissolve. You can also pierce them and squeeze the liquid into food. Hope this helps.

Thanks for your responses ladies. Mom to angel... How did you decide on the dosing of these items? Does it say it on the bottles/boxes? Did you discuss giving these two items and the dosages with your children's doctor? I will certainly print this out and take it with us to the children's hospital we go to next week. Isn't DHA in Omega 3 fish oils? I'm a little confused about you giving both these items to your kids. Thanks for your help. Only

I give both my children Omega-3 fish oil daily. The brand is Carlson, and it's called The Very Finest Fish Oil. I give them a 1/2 tsp daily in their orange juice every morning. The oil is lemon flavored, and doesn't taste fishy at all, so my boys like it. My husband and I even take it b/c it has many other health benefits like for heart health. The adult dose is one tsp daily. My oldest son has a learning delay and some focusing problems. My younger son is active, but has no problems. Either way, I think Omega-3 fish oil is beneficial for everyone, and I highly recommend it. Some drs feel it doesn't have an influence on improving attention in children, but I still think it's worth a try, especialy for it's known benefits in other areas.

I responded to this post a while ago, but my comment never posted. Here's the short version: My family takes Carlson: The Very Finest Fish Oil. My husband and I take one tsp daily. My kids take a 1/2 tsp daily. We put it in our orange juice each morning. It has a a delicious lemon flavor w/ no fishy taste at all. The health benefits are great too.

My daughter was on Paxil for Social Anxiety Disorder for 6 years. She stopped taking it under a doctors care 4 months ago and began to take Omega-3 2x a day. She says she feels better than she has in years and is doing great. I began taking it 2 years ago for seasonal depression and have now been through my first winter with almost no symptoms in over 20 years. I plan to take it for the rest of my life.