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Dysgraphia... I think.. Now What?
06/16/2008 at 08:58 AM

My 10 year old daughter we believe has dysgraphia.  We are trying to get her tested.  She wears glasses, went to speech and OT therapy for a few years. She talks fine now but has terrible handwriting, reading and writing skills. Going into 5th grade with a maybe 3rd grade reading level. She is not getting the help she needs at public school & no private schools around that can help either. We have no programs for dyslexic kids in our public school.  She has an IEP & 504 plan but not helping.  Does anyone have any suggestions? I'm at  my whits end.  I would love to teach her to read. I am even thinking of homeschooling. Any Thing???

Could you please inform me on who can leagally write the service and delivery page of an IEP? Thank you very much.

I understand exactly where you are coming from. Take my advice...Don't believe what the school is telling you! You must get an ind. evaluation at your expense. It sounds like your child has a dyslexia or a language-based learning disability and needs an intensive reading group like OG or Wilson. The school must provide services, but get your evaluation first.

what is OG or Wilson? We have gotten the eval. but awaiting results. Any other suggestions from there? The eval is being done at our peds. office. The school refused to help us until next school when we switch schools to the middle school. Gotta love public schools.!!!

Is there any type of program through your local hospital that can help you? My son goes to a Child Development Center through a hospital near us. He gets speech therapy once a wk there. They've been very helpful. I believe, w/out their written input, we wld not be getting the services we're getting for our son in the public school. Outside evals are often needed to get the schools off their butts to do something. Once you do that, that school shld test your child, then devise a plan that fits his/her needs. Let us know how you make out.

we live in a rural area but i will have to check around and see. Thanks for all the input anything else ya'll think of would also be helpful.

Legally, a school which cannot provide appropriate services is supposed to pay for outside services in place of them at the school. If you feel the IEP/504 are not working, you need to request it be changed. And changed again if that doesn't work. It is an Individualized plan and must work for the child it is meant to help. Look on Wright's Law or LD online. IEP info is given there. Speech is more than just saying words right. There is a language portion to it that may be missing in the Speech Therapist's program. If she cannot write physically, she can be provided a NEO which is affordable to a school. (Look at AlphaSmart.com) If she cannot express herself in writing, you should be able to write what she tells you. I have had these issues with my son who is 13. We have struggled with IEP goals since he was 3. It is worth it. I discuss words, roots of words, why language is done some strange way, social aspects he has missed in a situation or conversation...I have to sometimes tell him I am being sarcastic (and I don't avoid it because people out there are using sarcasm) because he misses tone changes which indicate meaning or context in verbal language. Categories, synonyms...whatever helps him with language issues. He uses a NEO. I can scribe for him. Just try stuff that may be just right for her.

If you believe that your child is dyslexic, you will benefit greatly from going to the following web site and getting up to speed on how you can help: www.brightsolutions.us It helped us greatly in being able to help our own daughter.