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Does my child have a learning disabilty?
05/18/2008 at 21:27 PM

My six year old is in Kindergarten is has trouble remember her numbers. She knows how to write them in order, but when you put them out of order, she does not recognize them, what could be wrong? She can add most of her numbers, but sometimes I think she is just guessing, also she has trouble putting sounds together.  Please help me!

This doesn't sound like anything too alarming to me at the kindergarten level. However, you should speak to your child's teacher and see if there are any techniques that the teacher wld recommend you use to help your child at home. Your child may just need some extra exposure or more repetition in certain areas until the concepts click. Work w/ her at home a little more and have the teacher keep a close eye on her in the classrm. See if she progresses. If you find that your child's repeatedly forgeting what you teach her or that she starts acting "silly" and uninterested in her work b/c it's hard for her, maybe then you shld consider getting her tested. Has she been diagnosed w/ any previous problems that cld be affecting her learning ability? Also, how is your child's attention span? Does she have any behavior problems? How is she doing w/ letters and handwriting? Does she have difficulty following instructions or comprehending things? Consider all of these factors and keep tabs on your child's progress. If you see she's not grasping concepts after repeated exposure, speak to the school about having her tested. Also, if she's having trouble putting sounds together, you may want to consider speech therapy. In fact, that may be a good starting point for your child. A speech therapist can evaluate your child to determine if this is just a delay, or if there's an underlying condition that may be causing her to have these difficulties. Right now, though, I wldn't worry too much. Good luck!

The teacher has done an intervention and has decided to get her tested; but she will not be tested until the first of next year, when she is in first grade. She is a very active child and we have a time keeping her still, she is on some medication but it doesn't help a whole lot.

I think it's a good thing that you're having your daughter tested. Maybe you shld consider a private evaluation from a developmental pediatrician, if you haven't taken that route already. If your daughter's taking meds and she's very active, you need to find out why. A lot of times the schools aren't able to give you an acurate diagnosis, they just want a quick fix for the problem. They're not doctors. I don't think you shld wait on the school. You owe it to yourself and your daughter to find out what's going on w/ her. Maybe it's just a delay, but it's better to look into it further for peace of mind. Also, if your daughter's on meds and they're not helping, maybe you shld consider taking her off them. Talk to a dr. Don't go along w/ the school just to make them happy. I hope this helps.