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Children's Yoga!
07/30/2012 at 08:49 AM

I have used yoga to heal my daugther from a trauma a couple of years ago. It has become such an important part of our lives now. I have recently graduated and become a certified yoga instructor.....but my dream was to become a childrens yoga teacher, so went on to graduating from an amazing children's yoga course. I just want to let any of you interested in any tips to just let me know. I would be more than happy to help.
Unfortunaly a lot of people still don't know the full benefits yoga has on children. Studies show kids who practice yoga and meditation in classes, yoga breaks or at home have higher test scores, can self-regulate their emotions more effectively, can better navigate inter-personal conflict, have healthier relationships with their bodies and minds, and learn healthy eating and wellness habits from an early age.
I'll give you guys the first step on how to go about this right now!!! Any of you heard of DailyOM??? Well, my wonderful childrens yoga teacher trainer, Sarah Herrington has just launched her online 'by donation' course on how to teach children yoga!! Check it out and spread the word!!! Yoga can make a world of difference!!! Let me know if you guys need to know anything else


Did you really have to post the same thing so many times?????

Hi Natasha, I'm really into Yoga as well. There have been so many beautiful experiences that I have been lucky to experience through Yoga and I would say that it is so adaptable that anyone that want to learn from it can take something beneficial away. However, as my interest deepens I've studied around the system of Yoga. Do you think that Yoga would put too much pressure on young people to encounter yoga? If a young person has a bad experience (no experience) with Yoga will it not put them off for life and therefor eliminate the potential for yoga to be helpful for the child when they grow up? I'm all for mindfulness and meditation but genuine yoga requires a certain level of commitment that most young children are not ready for.