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Bullying update
01/31/2009 at 21:23 PM

My daughter is LD and does go to a special Ed school. I came here asking for some advice with a bullying problem. And I am thankful for your help.

I made so much noise about this problem. I talked to the director of the school so many times she hates me. I asked my daughter's teacher for daily reports about her interaction with the bully. I spoke to the school therapist also. I called my daughter's friends parents and found out there kids were also being bullied by this child.

Well, Friday my child came home with homework about bullying. And she said they called all the children into the gym and they talked about bullying and the affects it has.

I did it! I made enough noise that the school had to do something. And the bully has been asked to leave the school at the end of the year because so many other parents also stood up after I did.

Thank you
katies proud mom

Well done for getting things moving. Glad that things are going better for you.

Thank you.

Way to go! Your story gives us all a sense of hope. Not only did you stand up to the school and win your argument, but you also set a great example for your child. Good for you!

Your kind words meant alot to me.