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01/10/2009 at 19:24 PM

 My 13 year old daughter is in a special needs school she is LD.  She has gone to this school for 5 years now and all was well. Until this year, she got a new teacher and another girl has been bullying her, and stealing from her. My kid is the quiet gentle type, me, not so much.

I have been to a meeting with the teachers, talked to the mother who says girls will be girls and that my kid should stick up for herself more. The items her kid has stolen she has found but will not say that her kid stole them from mine.

My husband says I am making it worse always calling the mom or the school. I say NO one will bully my kid and if I igore it now I am teaching her that it is okay for people to treat you badly. Especially for a LD kid who will grow up in a "normal" society.

What do you other parents think of this? What part should the school take in this?



Get an attorney. Have him contact the school and the district legal department. Let them know that they are being put on notice that your child is being bullied. Your daughter has a right to an education in a nonthreatening, and safe environment. If the school refuses to do their job, let them know they will be held accountable. Get the ball rolling and document everything. Check your local laws, you may be able to get a restraining order against this child to prevent her from having any contact with your child. If this sounds extreme, I make no apologies. The school has an obligation to protect your child while she is in their care. The mother sounds like a great role model. It would take one call from a parent to set one of my kids straight. Do not back down. Being 13 is hard enough without having to go through this. Good luck to you and your daughter.

I agree whole-heartedly w/ sngldad. If it comes down to it, get an attorney. Just the threat may get the school off its butt to take action. I truly applaud you for speaking out for your daughter. I've never been that outspoken, but I'm learning to be now that I have children. My oldest has learning problems as well, and the last thing I want is to see him get trampled on. Continue to speak up, and never feel guilty about it. Don't worry what other people think. Your child's safety is what's most important. Good for you!!!

My brother is a Lawyer I will follow your advice. Thank you Katiesmom