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allergy testing
01/09/2009 at 02:44 AM

Has anyone out there had any testing done with their children to find out if conditions they have may be caused by certain allergies to foods?  I'm just at a point where I am wondering if there is something my son may be eating that may be causing his seasonal allergies, some occasion signs of asthma when his seasonal allergies are bad or he has a cold,  a little bit of excema, ADD, and now maybe a diagnosis of PDD or Asperger's.

I don't like the fact that we have him on 3 and sometimes 4 medicines at the same time. 

He's been on a chewable pill for allergies and asthma, and then with four ear infections last winter (first he ever had ear infections) we had a nasal spray added, and when the asthma strikes up an inhaler, and now ADD meds.

We tried allergy testing last year and he freaked out.  We had to leave.  I myself went through 5 yrs of allergy shots mainly for seasonal stuff, and most of the year take a pres. allergy med.

I'm just wondering how I would rule out food allergies and what kind of plan would I follow.

Anyone out there who has done food allergy testing or who is also feeling like I do about too many meds??



Wow, your son IS on a lot of meds. Make sure you're keeping track of all the meds he's on, and inform each dr., so to be sure not to combine meds that cld be harmful taken together. I suspect that both of my boys have slight allergies. A tell tale sign is irritableness, itchy watery eyes, scratchy throat and sneezing. If you haven't seen an allegist yet, maybe you shld. We never took our boys to a specialist for this b/c their pediatrician hasn't been concerned about it. My youngest son, we believe, is lactose intolerant. He also has slight eczema which we've been treating w/ a prescription Hydrocordizone Cream. I've never heard of allergies causing ADD, PDD or Asbergers, although I have heard that certain allergies such as eczema may accompany these conditions. Allergies can effect a child's mood and behavior, however. If you see that your child is acting out, or he's just not his usual self, consult his dr. Also, have you considered any natural remedies instead of prescription meds? Like anything else, though, always ck w/ your child's dr. first. You're doing all the right things keeping on top of your son's health. Keep up the good work!

Can you tell me more about that. My son has mild Asbergers and had eczema on the bottom of only 1 foot for about 1 year have been treating with presception steroid cream does not seem to help much though. I had never thought to asscociate it to the Asbergers though. Shell

When you are ruling out food allergies, first you put the child on a very simple diet. Some common allergies and sensitivities are wheat, eggs, nuts, shellfish, dairy, chocolate, citrus. So you can try feeding oatmeal and rice, vegetables, apples, meat and beans for 5 days, see if things are better. If things are no better, then it probably is not a food allergy. Then add one thing at a time for a couple of days before you add something new. I've heard that some allergies have symptoms that mimic other disorders. It's worth a try.

Hi shell, I'm no expert in the area, but I have heard from another mom whose son is autistic and also has eczema, that there is a link between eczema and learning problems. Eczema doesn't necessarily cause the learning problems (although I can imagine if it's bad enough, it can probably become a distraction to many children). This is not to say that all kids w/ learning problems have eczema or that kids w/out learning problems cldn't develop eczema. Hence, the debate. Personally speaking, my older son has a disability, and as a baby he had eczema which he has since outgrown. My younger son who has no learning problems, gets breakouts from time to time. So who knows. There's info online that discusses the possible connection between autism and eczema. I searched: eczema and autism, connection between. There's no real proof that there's a link, but some drs believe there can be. Diet can help control it somewhat as I've seen w/ my sons. Also reducing stress and spending time outside in the sun can help. I find winter is when my son gets his flair ups most. Hydrocordizone Cream 2.5%, used only when needed, has been most helpful and has kept my son's eczema in check. Good luck. Do the research, and discuss any concerns you may have w/ your child's dr.

My son has Autism but also many serious food allergies. He is highly allergic to all milk products (will break out in hives, lips will swell, etc.), foods containing corn syrup, soy products, eggs, wheat, beef and oranges. He was tested using the pin prick method when he was young and more recently using the blood test method, which I would highly recommend. Just one stick to get out some vials of blood and you're all done. He diet is extremely limited but we have managed and he at 16 years old is over 6 feet tall! When he was first diagnosed, just removing the corn syrup products from his diet we saw an immediate improvement in his behavior. Although he wants things like ice cream, we have made do pretending that fruit sorbet is like ice cream, and have used other items like rice milk, spelt bread until he could tolerate wheat, oat products, etc. My other son had eczema and the sun really helped. Winter was always a terrible time. However, he grew out of this problem by the time he became a teenager.

Hello! I just wanted to clarify something. I have been told my my son's dr. that allergies and excema go hand in hand. I didn't mean that excema caused ADD or Asperger's Syndrome. If may be more common for other health issues to go along with ADD and Asperger's, but I'm not saying they cause it. Who really knows. ADD, Asperger's Syndrome, and PDD are all neurological disorders... so it deals with things being "wired" differently in the brain. One thing I've learned with the research I've done with Asperger's Syndrome/ Autism/ PDD is that there quite often is another condition that goes along with it, such as ADD. I believe it is called comorbidity. Thanks for all your input, ladies. Only