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ADHD/Bi-Polar/Autism HELP!
02/20/2009 at 14:58 PM

My 8yr old son has been diagnosed with ADHD/Bi-Polar/Manic Depression and Autism Spectrum Disorder- went to public school in Kindergarted very difficult homeschooled him for 1st gr, husband and I after lots of thought put him back in public school but they placed him back in 1st when I already homeschooled him in 1st. The school refused to test him so I had to file an OCR complaint, now the testing is done we are set to meet in 2wks to go over testing. The school is not giving him a 504 or IEP he spends most of his days in the recovery room even eats his lunch in there sometimes. The principal has frequently said that they do not know what to do with him or how to teach him. What can I do?? What if they refuse special ed again like they did in Kindergarten?? Any advise would be great! Thanks--

Find out exactly what your state requires in order for the boy to qualify for special ed. Then, if you don't meet the criteria, go to the state board of education, present your case, and get them to change the criteria. I'd say he's definitely special needs, but it all depends on what your state requires. The school staff are the professionals. It is their job to find out how to educate every child in the district. That is where my tax dollars go.

Go to your state education site on the web and find out what qualifies him for special ed. I agree with the other poster that what you said should qualify him. Do you have documented records from hospitals/drs that say he has these disorders? In our state an 504 can be given simply alone for ADHD. Stand up for your son. Check the phone book and find out if there are agencies that can help you with this. I'd be calling back the drs who diagnosed your son as well to get their input. What is your son doing that they keep separating him from his peers and classroom? See if your school's counselor can help your son any or go to a psychologist outside of the school with your son and husband. You certainly need to take action and get help. The school is liable to educate your son by law. Make them accountable! Good luck Only

My son has just completed the special ed testing we meet with the Team to discuss results next week. He needs to qualify under the testing in order to get help from the school. Although the testing they gave him isn't even right for his age and I have written my disagreement with the testing coordinator who said they tested him under the areas they thought were right and they were not going to change any testing for him. I had to file an Office of Civil Rights complaint just to get them to test him to begin with. I am very frustrated with everything. Thank you for your comments.

I have been to my state education site and it all comes down to the special ed testing he just completed. We review this next week. I have lots of documentation from several Dr's about his diagnosis and the school is not acknowledging any of them. My son is separated when he starts making noises and behavior that is distrupting to the class. He has anger outbursts and has hit children and teachers. We have bben to outside psychologists and are currently seeing one now who he also has therapy with. I was told the school counselor was going to be meeting with him but my son says he has not seen her. I have a contact person with MPACT who has been guiding me through this. Thank you for your comment.

Mom of three, The diagnoses you mentioned in your opening were done where? at a hospital?? Why is the school not accepting those diagnoses? Do you have a treatment report from where your son was diagnosed? I would go into that team meeting with someone to fight for my son.. an advocate, etc. Certainly get everything together to go in there and fight your son's case. What is your son doing that they are separating him from his peers? Unless the other children are in danger you might have probable grounds for a lawsuit... not that you want to get into that, but it certainly doesn't seem like they are making too much an effort to educate him if they are sending him off in a room by himself. Get on your stated education website and do research to see what your school district is liable to by the law. You can do it.... keep firm. Good luck. Only

Get all the eval reports from your son's drs, therapists etc., and present them to the school. If they refuse to accept them, get a spec ed lawyer to represent you. At the minimum, your son shld have an IEP. It also sounds like the public school is not the right place for him, especially since you said they don't know what to do w/ your son. Push to have your son sent to a private spec ed school. The public school shld pay for this. Never stop fighting b/c if you don't speak up, the school will continue to take advantage of your situation. I found a lot of helpful info on as well. Never give up. I hope things get better for you and your son.

Please whatever you need to do for your child do it and don't stop. Make sure all of your request to the school is in writing and copied. Find an advocate in your area. what state are you in? remind me not to move there. Wrightslaw will give you the direct information that you need to advocate for your child. Get on board and take his classes. This is a necessity to protect you and your child. You should have a CARD association there or an ARC google them to find the best location for you. Under FAPE, which stands for Free and Public Education is also a good resource. Keep us posted GG

I have a thirteen year old son. Five years ago he was diagnosed with Early Onset Bipolar Disorder/ Learning Disabilities. I also have problems with the schools. For instince: My son has a reading level of a second grader. He's in seventh grade,so, this year they decided French class for one of his electives. Shouldn't he be able to read what they are teaching him? I figured he should able to read and write English first. I swear they never look at a childs school records. His speacial education teacher told me to cut the strings. She probaibly never read a thing on my son disorder or disabilities. The only thing I can say to you is I know your struggles and my prayers are with your family. You have to keep fighting. It's a long hard road and we have to travel it with them through thier whole life. Let me know how things are going. BYE,Justinslove