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ADHD in a Child 5 or Under???
01/31/2012 at 15:08 PM

Was your child diagnosed with ADHD?

If so, you are invited to participate in a research study that will be looking at the diagnosis process, for children under the age of 5, who have been diagnosed with ADHD. ADHD is a common, yet controversial diagnosis that is given to children. Parents may have a variety of responses to learning that their child has been diagnose with ADHD, and that is the intent of this study. I would like to understand your thoughts, so there are no right or wrong answers, only opinions that matter. The study consists of answering 3 questions regarding your experience. All communication will be done via email, and you will not be required to give out your personal information. You are welcome to stop participating at any time during the duration of the study.

The results of this study will NOT be published for any reason, but will be used for an undergraduate research project. Your participation is greatly appreciated, so please respond to this post for further information. Thank you :)

i think children are too young at that age to be diagnosed with that.