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off ADD meds
06/17/2008 at 13:57 PM

I am not medicating my 11 yr old son for ADD (no hyper) for the summer which I have not done before in the 1 1/2 years he has been on concerta.  He is also on prozac for depression, accompanied by the ADD issues, it seems.  He tells me he feels better and is happier, so far, and the only issues he/we have is impulse control problems and NOW, I am witnessing some hyperactivity that wasn't there before.  Has anyone had any experiences with on/off meds issues to share with me?

georgygirl--my son is 9 and i took him off his ritalin a few months ago.i had previously taken him off for summers but now i took him off for good. anyways i can tell you he was happier and less angry off the meds.yes he was more hyper at first. i think once their bodies adjust to the change it gets better. my advice is to keep him busy.use up his energy or try to lol. i used to have my son walk on my treadmill every morning. now i have him stretch and do jumping jacks ect. then i have him bike ride ect later on.i notice if i dont get that activity in he is off the walls. i also have him on an organic diet -without dyes and pestisides ect. it has helped. hope this helps feel free to talk to me anytime. it is very tiring to try to keep an add child happy and engaged but we must to keep our sanity .. sara

My son has some focusing and impulse control problems. He's active, but I wldn't say over-active. He's not on any meds presently as he's only turning 5. His teachers say he has the ability to focus, but he needs a lot of redirection. My brother was on meds for anxiety/depression when he was a teenager. He wld take himself off the meds b/c of certain side effects w/out telling anyone. This was not a good thing as we witnessed him go from high to low very quickly. I'm not saying you shldn't take your child off meds (I'm not a strong advocate for meds in children anyway, unless absolutely necessary), but make sure you do this under the supervision of his dr. I think weaning off the meds is best, rather than stopping it cold turkey. It gives the body more time to adjust to the change. Also, counceling, w/ a therapist trained in this area, wld probably be a good idea w/ or w/out the meds.

My youngest has ADHD and Asperger's. He was on medication for a few years [Ritalin] which gave him a more 'normal' life. Medication is not the evil that some people like to make out. I have a son who is 15 years older than this one and he never got diagnosed. He was just labelled 'bad kid' and never got the help he needed. I am sure if he had been treated like my youngest son then his life would be simpler now. Medication helped my son to focus and get through. He is doing very well now. After a few years, we started giving my son Omega 3 fish oils instead. There are excellent reports about these and even he noticed a big difference. I also have spoken to other parents who have tried it and they were very impressed also. Check this link If you do take a child off meds it should be done strictly under supervision of a medical professional. As for all that extra exercise, this would not work with my son. The more exercise he took, the more hyper he would become. It seemed to wind him up tighter and tighter. I'm glad it works for you though Sara. My son also had an exclusion diet, but that rarely works for children who have true ADHD.