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Accomodation suggestions needed
04/03/2009 at 14:14 PM

Hello all! I'll try this again... for some reason my last post was filtered... any one else frustrated with this site for that reason??

Anyways, I'm just wondering if you guys could share some accomodations that are written in your child's education plans. My son is in the autism spectrum, but very bright. We go for testing this summer and they are checking for NLD or PDD and they want to rule out AS as well. To make a long story short I will have an IEP meeting at the school before his testing at a hospital is done and I'm wondering what accomodations to possibly have for my son.

Anyone know of any good links with accomodations for 504's or ind. ed. plans?


I know what you mean about getting filtered, and yes it is quite frustrating. is the best site I've found for info and suggestions on IEPs. Don't sign the IEP until you thoroughly review it. Wait til you get feedback from your child's dr before making any definite decisions. Based on your son's diagnosis, and his individual level of ability, will determine his needs. The school shld review all info before concluding what your son needs. Some accomodations may include being placed in a private spec ed school, or otherwise being pulled out in public school for smaller specially structured classes. Also, an aide may be appointed to shadow your son from class to class. Your son may need services such as speech, OT and PT. These are all things to consider. In my experience w/ my son, I embraced every bit of what the school was willing to offer. Also, having a dr's report is helpful in getting the school to give your son the accomodations he needs. Take whatever you can get b/c the more, the better. And, if you're still not satisfied, always push to get more. Advocate for your child, and never give up. It's an uphill battle, but it's all worth it in the end. Good luck!

I come in and look at the posts everyday and repost anything that has been pulled that shouldn't have been pulled. Hopefully the filters will get better and better and not pull posts that do not need to be pulled. If you are having a terrible problem with your posts being pulled, please let me know. Thanks Marti

even thought it is frustrating, it is not as frustrating as when those delinquents got on with their filth. I was nauseated by the content that was posted at that time.

I just posted something that got filtered :-)

Thanks for saying that acitez, that is why the filters are so strong. Hopefully with time it will get better and it will filter less of the content that doesn't need to be filtered. Marti

Concerned, Thank you for your suggestions. I did look at that site and it seems to be helpful. Only Marti, Thank you for responding. I'm not sure why, but none of my previous posts that were filtered ever returned. I never saw the problem that acitez referred to. Thanks for your help. Only

Hi Only I will look around and see if I can find your posts that got filtered that didn't return. Usually I find them and I am able to return them to the board. If you have something that gets filtered like that just post and tell me what happened and which thread/board it is on and I will go find it. Sorry for the trouble. Marti

Hi Marti, I don't want to jinx myself, but I have to say I've had better luck posting my comments. Hopefully, things will continue this way. Thx.

Hey concerned I am glad to hear that, please keep me posted on how it is going. Thanks Marti