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5th grade retention for a child with aspergers, adhd and anxiety
08/14/2014 at 20:40 PM

My daughter has been in catholic school since she was 3. She should be going into 6th grade this year. On the last day of school, we were told she should be retained because of her math and reading grades. (It's their school policy so she has to repeat the grade elsewhere to attend their school again.). We have been touring private schools all summer (because Dad is against public), however, our public school can offer all the resources she needs and more and keep her in 6th grade. Dad wants her retained to 5th and in a different catholic school. She has had limited accommodations since 3rd grade and this "new" catholic school basically has the same accommodations....which obviously have not worked. I have done my research, spoke to various professionals and it seems that a lot of school psychologists and ESE teachers are against retaining a 5th grader. She tests on a 2-3rd grade reading and math level, but that is one of the problems. It's a test. Her adhd and anxiety prevent her from doing well on tests. Her grades have always been a roller coaster, it's never the same problem in each grade. If you look at individual class work, homework and test grades, she sometimes does very well on one or the other. It's not just failing it all across the board. This tells me she knows a lot more than she is able to show. I fear retaining her will cause more problems than good. Any advice/opinion/etc would be appreciated. I am going into a legal issue with dad over this.