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3rd garader with reading and spelling probs help
10/04/2009 at 16:48 PM

My 3rd grader is having a hard time now with reading and spelling, she writes most of her words as she hears them ie. for her liquid was spelled lickwid and all her silent sound words are usually like could would be culd or bought would be bot it's very frustrating because she is getting help for LD but only quallified for some not all and her reading is very slow if she is timed but facter when she isn't and I haven't a clue where to go to get help her school therapist says she doesn't know either .

yes i spelled it wrong

It would be worth having her evaluated by the "Learning Technics" company. Just google it. Their program is expensive, about $3000, but our local charter school bought the program for any of their students that need it. I volunteered last year and saw it make a big difference for some kids in just a couple of months. Other programs that enhance development of the corpus callosum would probably work.

My first thought is to find a tutor. There are teachers who tutor. Ask the school if they have a list of people who tutor. You may find a teacher who is currently home with her children that would also tutor. Try to figure out your child's learning style... whether it is easier for him to by seeing, hearing, or hands-on. Take a cookie sheet and spread shaving creme on it and have your child practice writing basic sight words. Look at your child's work that is coming home for words that he is spelling wrong for ideas of words to practice. Take magnetic letters and have your child spell words. Use playdoh to spell out words. Use chalk outside on the sidewalk or driveway to practice writing words. Good luck.