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Something about violence between the children
10/30/2010 at 18:33 PM

In one of the workshops of parental guidance with Mrs. Devorah Snyicer she spoke on the issue of violence between children in the Talmud Torah (religious boy school) and how to instruct the child how not to allow the other boys to bother him or hit him.
She said that one of the things we need to teach the child, is consistency in not allow the others to bother him, and if a child does something no matter what it is and who is the child, take care of him without pity or fear.
To illustrate this to us, she told us about her brother (she heard it from his teacher(
Her brother learned in a religious school for boys, and he was the kind of a kid that children were afraid to bother him - as children sometimes do. even he was not very big or strong
and yet the boy's were afraid to mess with him. what was his secret?
He was consistent in "not allow to bother him".
For example - she continued to tell: One morning he came early to the school, one of his friends decided to bother him, he warned him that if he will not stop to bother him, he will sit on him until the ringing, and despite he warned him he Continued to annoying him again and again, and her brother did it! he laid him on the floor and sat on him till the time to enter to his class it was for about a half hour! (without hitting him, god forbid) even though it wasn't pleasant for her brother because of all the children gathered around them, he was consistent all the way and didn't let the child to get up.
She also told us something she saw:
One of the children in the synagogue splashed water on him after the morning prayer, he didn't hesitate and he chased him till the hall before the women's place. there he caught him, immediately dropped him to the ground and sat on him for a long time despite a lot of children and older gathered to see, he also ignore one of the lady's yelled at him to get off of the child, but he didn't got up!

That may not be politically correct but it's what we need to teach our children not to suffer offering of the wickedness of their friend.

What do you think???