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trying to raise my two year old
09/18/2007 at 10:45 AM

i have recently became a single parent about seven weeks ago. i am having a diffult time trying to train the little guy cause he was always in day care for about ten hours a day for five days a week and when he wasn't in day care his mother his primary caregiver didn't train or work with him i feel like am starting from zero with him cause he doesn't talk and points to what he wants and never gets anyones title right am i just worring to much

hi, be patient with the little man, sounds like he has got a lot of changes to deal with, my 2 year old doesnt say very much just take things slowly and things will work out in the end



hi lisa thanks for the reply atleast now i know am not the only parent out there with this problem. have a great day



Lots of lap time and reading books with lots of pictures wouldn't hurt.  The behavior or the speech development.

Good luck.  Remember your responsibility to CARE FOR the little fella is at least as important as your responsibility to TAKE CARE OF him.


lots of life changes for the pair of you to get used to.  believe it or not, you need each other now, and you both need to learn how to be a family together now. lots of time spent doing things together; sharing, cuddling, talking to him, reading to him, taking walks, feeding him, bathtime, every moment that he can fill for you and that you can fill for him will make the time easier for both of you, give you both the comfort and trust that you both need and enable him to bond with you and learn from you.  Take good care of him and take care of you now too.


Something to watch out for.  I think the balance between keeping house and raising children is difficult to achieve, especially when you add providing for .  Those are three very important things that all must be done.  I have been raising 6 children, (with an able husband, so I don't really feel the weight like you do.)  But I learned that there are 3 housekeeping prioirites.  Keep the poop (and occasional vomit) cleaned up.  Keep the good food put away and the rotten food thrown out.  Keep sharp things put away.  Anything else is optional.  A lot of people disagree with me.  I'm OK with that.