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"The Talk"
07/20/2008 at 09:57 AM

Im a single dad and I have 15 and 17 year old girls. Since their mum isnt around should I be talking to them about girls stuff and safe sex and go to supervise them buying cloths and underwear and stuff?

I think at their ages they may feel a little uncomfortable with dad coming along best thing is to ask them how they would feel, have you a female friend who you trust who could go along. As for the safe sex talk it needs to be done but again could you not get a female friend or relative to do that, it might save some blushes all round

Well Jess, your the only parent and so it falls on you. I have been a single mom of three boys for 13 years and I had to handle the boy stuff. Yes you should have the talk about safe sex and you should monitor what they wear; they should present themselves as ladies. Young girls don't always understand that a sexy outfit sends the wrong message, especially if it's the latest trend. I don't think you need to help them shop for underwear, that's too much. Good luck!!

My father was in this situation, he got my grandmother and aunts to help. I am also a single parent of boys so I got the books about the body and about sex terms. As scary as it seems, YOU have to do it...there is no one else and it will save you heartache later if you go the distance and open communication. My sons often want to know about girls stuff too, so it gives you a chance for them to check out boy stuff also if you are open and calm. (Be calm on the outside at least.)

Maybe SnglDad has some thoughts on this? Any ideas, SnglDad, since I think I remember from some of your posts that you have a daughter(s). Anyone else?

hello,im a mother of 4 and my kids are geting up to the age of haveing that talk.but idont know how.my son will be 12 and he hear things at school.Im on my own at all this because my husband passed this passed year.but when do you set down and have that talk,and how.

I think you need to take any opportunity that comes up to build a relationship where you can laugh about these things. That will make it easier to talk about these things. Laughter about important, serious stuff within your four walls, around the dinner table, or on laundry night, will really make it easier. They probably got a lot of info at a maturation clinic at school or at a health class. Maybe you could start by telling them what happened 30 years ago when you learned about this stuff in health class or that 5th grade "the film" or whatever your school did.
Their underwear, well, if either of them has larger breasts, they need to go to a good department store for a fitting. You could either have a relative or the mom of the girl's best friend take them or you could go yourself if you (and the girl) can handle it. This would be a great time to laugh really hard.
Panties? Well, as long as they wear clothes in such a way that NOBODY sees their panties, it is none of anybody's business (including yours) what panties they get. If their panties show, well that's a different talk.

Good point acitez... The girls should get fitted for the right bra at a department store or VS