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Talks tooooo much
03/12/2009 at 07:14 AM

My daughter talks way too much. She has something to say back for everything that I say to her. This is very frustrating. She feels the need to plead her case or have the last word all day everyday. Her teachers say that she is very "flip." Any suggestions on how to tame the tongue.


Arguing just for the sake of arguing can be annoying. Maybe you could honor her talent for logic. How old is she?

She is 9 years old. She is also in an accelerated class at school, so she thinks she knows-it-all.

There's a little boy--he's 11 or 12, at our church who does the same thing. The last time I taught his class I explained that he does think of these great things, but he could develop the skill of remembering them to say later, so that we could do the things I have planned. The very bright children are often frustrated because they catch on to the point of whatever the adults are doing, and leap beyond it. So, teach your daughter to take notes not just of what the adults are presenting, but of her responses. Her insights may be very valuable. If she writes them down instead of blurting them out, then she may be able to use them, instead of have them dismissed by adults who have more experience and more facts, but not necessarily more intelligence or even more wisdom.

Thanks that is great advice, I will try it.

Try saying things like, I don't agree or ok, that's your opinion. Then drop the subject. If your daughter keeps arguing w/ you, try not to get frustrated. Don't argue back or try to correct her, unless of course she's being disrespectful or rude. Sounds like she'll make a great lawyer one day, and socially, she'll have some pretty engaging conversations. Hang in there, and try to turn this into a positive thing. Hope this helps.