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single non custodial fathers
09/01/2007 at 10:30 AM

Are there any articles for single dad's to do with there child? I have a 7 yr old son, and only get to see him 4 hours a week. And also how do you get the custodial parent to cooperate in re: to what was agreed in the court? My ex doesn't  want me in our son's life @ all costs. I am now entering my second year of supervised visits, any good atty advice in san antonio, Tx? My atty seems to not want to do anything for me anymore. Sorry for so many questions, just hurting and looking for some help. Thanks.

Hey joshuasdad,


Welcome to the boards.  I would suggest that you fire your lawyer and get another lawyer.  I am not sure why you have to have supervised visits but I would try to get a lawyer that could do something about that.


I think you could do a lot of fun things with your son in that 4 hour time period.  You could go to movies, you could go to the park and ride bikes or play catch.  You could take him to the batting cages to hit the ball.  Try to think of things to do with what he is interested in---there are lots of choices.