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08/16/2007 at 13:45 PM

Hi How do you start to even begin trusting again after broken romancesespecially with 2 sons who are age 16 and 12 who have seen me go through most breakups?Just want to know how to go about meeting someone without being approached by someone who asks if im pulling or if ive been stood up! its ok for blokes to go out on their own but what about women?Can't they allow themselves the right to see a gig if they want to?Well my boys are growing up ive got to get out more and meet new people.

Hey Human


Welcome to the boards.  I think the best way to meet a nice person who you share interests with is to find them while doing your regular activities---like at church, or in a book club or whatever is your interest.  There are lots of groups for parents without partners so that you can meet someone who is in your situation.


Anyone else have any ideas?






You mention your sons seeing you go through breakups; you should be aware that they are also watching how you behave and the decisions you make… good and bad. So, as a mother, make good decisions because your first responsibility is to the boys.


Someone once said we are what we repeatedly do. If you go to bars to meet someone just to party, great. If on the other hand you are trying to establish a long term relationship and you go to a bar to meet someone, the person you meet will... well… like to go into bars, and that is the type of life they will tend to lead.


First, find something you enjoy: boating, golf, reading, running, bird watching, bird hunting, and many more. If you don’t know anything you are interested in, write down the things you think you are interested in and then put them in order. Pick the one on the top and go do it. Then, you will be able to meet some with similar interests. Of course, if going to the bar is at the top of your list… party!!


Getting your heart broken is a whole other thing. Maybe meeting someone with whom you share interests will help establish a more stable, lasting relationship. I know one thing: the more interesting you make yourself the more interesting people will be interested in you. So, take interest in yourself and take a class or something.


Last, your 12 year old is not near grown up! Just a thought, get involved with something your kids enjoy too.


DaMoKi Bob