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ostracized by childs father and his family & friends
03/14/2011 at 14:18 PM

Really need this feedback if nothing else. Thank you.

I was with this person 10 years we have a 8yr old his mother never talked to me from day one. (No idea why) She has only seen our daughter 2twice in 8yrs and that was when he had her on a random day I basically had to force him to take our daughter.

He never worked never helped me I have my own place car fulltime job and parttime finishing y degree. We broke up this summer that past which was well over due I never saw him at all anyway. I found out he was with someone that summer too and too this day. After going through court to get him to have to see his daughter every other weekend and pay child support every month with no job (he now sells drugs) he within 4months of our break bought a truck/house and has his woman right there. I have to think to myself did he already have these things and or money saved and never helped us because he wanted us to suffer?

He obviously wants to be free of responsibilities, I don't want to seem bitter although I'm hurt. I realize I can't care anymore or I will allow him to be able to hurt me.

He changed his phone numbers and calls private to come pick up his daughter on his weekend. He moved and I also don't know where he lives and he says I don't need to know.

I must admit in the beginning I was devasted drunk dialed text the whole works but that has been done for months so I can't see why I deserve to be ostracized. He makes me feel like I'm a vessel that birthed his child and that I'm unworthy. His friends are career criminals.. all of whom he never allowed me to bond with and form friendships. So now I'm outkasted. His mom is like a witch or something who Doesn't want to see their grandchild. What is going on here.

Im strong and to the point.. people forgive me for saying this but. He feels like he has power over me and comes and goes disappears in the night as he pleases. every time he calls to pick her up or leaves me a message he says something subliminally cruel or pulls up with his woman in the car at my house playing songs we would listen too. He would laugh while leaving messages on the phone. I feel him and his family & friends are the most evil people I have met in my entire 28yrs on this planet. Mind you he had hit me before too and I called the police on him he took anger management and deemed him better he never did it again.

I am at the point where I feel it would be best for my sanity and the mental growth of my child in a morally sound and nurturing environment if I hault him from taking our child any longer. This was his weekend that past and I didn't answer any private number that called my phone. I kept her all weekend. I really feel she should not be around these people.

Am I wrong for this.
He is trying to mentally kill me. I know he is evil and wants to hurt me which hurts his daughter and their lack of interest in her until I went to court disgusts me.

Wow. I bet you are lonely. It is hard to shoulder the responsibility of bringing up a little girl.