how to tell ur child u have started to date someone
05/10/2014 at 10:15 AM

The father of my child passed away two mths before our son was born. For the past 7yrs i have been single focusing on raising my son. Recently he has asked for a new dad. So i thought i would give dating a try. I habe recently started dating someone and would like to tell my son about the guy im dating but do not know how to tell him. Hes not useto sharing his mom with anyone and sometimes gets jealous of other people snuggling me or anything. How do i tell my son about this new guy in ky life??

I agree she should have tried to resolve it with you first but obviously, she felt unable to do that and asked your stepfather to do it. He probably felt more comfortable talking to your husband than directly with you. I think you need to be very careful what you post on social sites if you don't have the person involved give you permission. As for your aunt also getting involved....well, there are two sides to every story and I just wonder what the justification is from the other side. I guess it''s a learning lesson to you about privacy and social sites.