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How to raise
07/05/2013 at 12:13 PM

hi i am a guy @ 30z ive got a son 3years of age,
can some one maybe help by offering information like kids activities like misic classes,english,maths and science sports anverting agencies etc we leave in Soweto Orlando East...

The very best thing you can do for your son at this age is to take him with you everywhere you can, and talk to him about things. When you go to the store, take him with you and talk about your purchases, and the money, and the people at the store. Spend time with him outdoors. Get him some cars and build roads and cities in the dirt. Talk to him about what you are seeing (and smelling and hearing and touching) and what you are doing. Have him work beside you when you do household chores. If there is a concert or other performance that is family-friendly, take him to that. Having a dad is a good thing. Having a dad that spends time with you is a GREAT thing. That's a beautiful picture of your boy!

Hi my name is Venetta Coffee I am a single mother to my 12 year old son who has been diagnosed with ADHD. who I feel is spinning out of control at school through his behavorial spells. It is at the point to where the public school is about to expell him entirely. I am at my wits end with counseling services, constant meetings at his school with teachers, assistant principals and school administrators. Joshua has been on this roller coaster since 3rd grade and it is not getting any better. What do I do from this point?

Is he medicated?

At the age of 3 years, every kids need close attention and love of their parent. You should interact enough with him to induce Social skills, both fine and gross motor and language skills in them. Be aware that they are very sensitive at this pretty age so be careful about their aggressive behaviour. Take him to the playground, get him mixed with other kids. Do alse take her admitted to preschool.

You can put him up in a daycare center, there your kid would get the opportunity to interact with other kids of his age and would also be under the supervision of the carers. But make sure that the preschool is a good one and not just like that- running under the supervision of inexperienced people.