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how to I get my son more
07/08/2008 at 04:01 AM

Im a father of a 4 year old who I dont get to see.I am going to court to try to get visits with my son and my ex has a lawyer and I dont have the money for one what can i expect at court.. My son has a lawyer appoint to him witch I have to pay for not her and he is saying I haven't paid him so why should he do anything for me. How is that legal for her to keep him from me?I'm not a deadbeat dad I pay over 400$ a month in child support but Im trying to make it off a limited income. Im so stressed out I dont know what to do


You can expect that they will take every avenue they can to frustrate your efforts. Use the internet to educate yourself as to your local laws, and court rules. Contact your local Bar association and ask about free, or low cost legal help for low income persons. The guardian in place works for your son, he should not show favoritism based on who can or cannot pay. If you are low income, why did the judge not take that in to consideration at the hearing, were you there? For your county or state , google “Parents rights” or “Fathers rights” and see if there are local organizations who will help you file motions, and complete paperwork. There are resources out there, you just have to find them. I would start with the local Bar Assoc. It’s understandable to become frustrated, but do not give up, that is your son just as much as he is hers.