Help! My son and boyfriend don't like each other
12/15/2010 at 12:19 PM

I need some advice on how to make my son and my boyfriends relationship better. I have become very stressed out and depressed that my son and boyfriend basically don't even have a relationship. I have been a single mom for a little under a year. My husband (the father of my son) was killed in Afghanistan earlier this year. I have since started dating a guy who is 22 and I am 24. He has no children but has dated other girls who have children and he says that he liked their children. We have been together for 6 months now and we are living together and in a serious reltionship. My son is 3 and has some (not bad though) behavioural issues stemming from the loss of his father. He shows signs of having abandonment issues from loosing his dad. My boyfriend either ignores him or disciplines him. He doesn't talk to him or play with him otherwise. My boyfriend says he doesn't like my son and is annoyed by him because of his behaviour.He says if he acted better he'd like him. Everyone else (daycare staff, the babysitter, family and friends) say he's a well behaved kid. My boyfriend is the only person who says he's a bad and whiny kid. But he doesn't realize how hard it is on my son not having a father period. And the only symbolence of a father he has doesn't even like him. I have never even seen my boyfriend give my son a hug...and it really bothers me. My son won't give me a clear answer as to why he doesnt like my boyfriend...he just doesn't like him. I really dont want to break up w/ my boyfriend but I dont want my son being unhappy either. What can I do?

Is it possible for you to sit in on his class to observe his behavior?