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Help My Rights Were taken before I even knew my baby was born
04/28/2012 at 18:09 PM

Me and my Live in girlfriend of 6yrs has hired a lawyer we need father rights help majorly I Had a child outside of our relationship I wasnt aware that my son had ben born until 2months after his birth as well as no knowledge he was being given up for adaption, They had my rights taken from me with out me even knowing he was even born,we went to court this friday to rquest a new trial and the judge dnied we plan to apeal really need some direction on how to get father rights involvd. Its unconstintutional that i could be robed of the chance to raise my son without any choice please help me

1. Because there isn't a doubt that the mother of the child is the parent an unmarried mom has a very clear legal relationship with the child. A baby born out of wedlock usually takes domicile with the mom automatically. Here is KS the mother automatically has residential custody. 2. Depending on what state you live in the laws vary. Some states do not grant the father any rights even if a DNA test is taken. I would think that you would first have to establish paternity of the child then go from there. 3. The child is being "adopted" not "adapted," although he will have to adapt to the adoption. 4. The best thing you could do is find a good lawyer to help you. 5. You state that your rights were taken away from you. Based on the state that you are in, what rights are you speaking of? Also I'm curious which one of your constitutional rights have been violated? Good luck...

My right as a father THey were taken before i even knew he was born. So i Couldnt register with paternity if i didnt know he was here and they went outa county we live in and had t hem taken from me may not have actually violated constituion but dam sure shouldnt be able to take someones kid from them

google "child adoption laws termination" and find the site that has the laws for your state.

That happened to one of my husband's friends he was lucky and maintains a limited relationship with his child through visitation granted by the kindness and compassion of the adoptive family. She probably skrewed you, you most likely will not regain custody, the longer it takes the worse your chances are, if you are lucky though you can work out some sort of visitation dirictly with the adoptive family. Good luck...sorry to be such a downer, I hope you can prove me wrong.